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laupro  vienna 20-01-2015 09:16:53

hey! we guys from vienna use this calculator tool! very cool! thanks and all the best!
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DieterV  dieter_vervaet@hotmail.com 05-02-2014 22:12:40

Love to use this dart tool, exellent to play with friends!
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bisnis baju  rejekimakmursekali@gmail.com  http://usaha-bisnis-dirumah.blogspot.com  Jakarta 24-11-2013 14:48:33

Howdy, greeting from us here
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kev bates  chelseaboy_1979@hotmail.co.uk  london 09-01-2013 19:27:37

how do i complete game shot? just beat my uncle and cant seem to continue without doing it manually?
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Woody  Leeds 12-09-2012 21:30:07

Yeah i agree with Andy, it would be good if there was a game where you could play the computer with a set average or a set number of visits etc.
cant fault this site though its fantastic, love using it
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Andy  andyderrig@hotmail.co.uk  leeds 25-03-2011 22:18:28

Is there any chance you can put a programme on this where you can play the computer at different outs. 15 or 18 or 24. that way you have to beat the computer before it checks out. First to say five legs would be good too. That way you can improve your own scoring. just an idea.
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Checkout Maestro  splinterg@hotmail.co.uk  UK 23-01-2010 20:44:38

This dartscorer is indeed worthy of great praise..I salute your efforts..but what would make this dartscorer site superb and quids in your pocket my son would be..if we could all play each other online..maybe a league system? Just an idea..?:)

Respect and keep up the great work
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fizzle  uk 06-01-2009 11:59:48

how do you turn the sound on? i dont seem to be able to get the scores read out? thanks...
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Webmaster comment:

Sound is only available behind the scores mentioned on the Quick write buttons.

When filling in this dartscore using keyboard only it will work also.

steve  newton1111@hotmail.co.uk  sunderland 23-12-2008 17:19:30

haha love the site 100% what i need
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Stephen  Ireland 30-09-2008 13:08:51

This dart calculator is excellent. Great Stats and very easy to use. The only extra that I would recommend is an area to track your games. i.e. if you have to leave and come back that you can log in to continue. The reason why is because I was playing a game and the Laptop shut down and I had to start all over again. Maybe its there I just cant find it. Again fantastic job.
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Webmaster comment:

The feature you proposed is not in it.
Most likely I'm not going to make it.
It will take some time to make and I suppose this doesn't occur often

Thanks for the compliment.

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