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Use dart calculator X01 or dart calculator TacTics.

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Screenshot dart calculator X01
click to use the dart calculator for X01
Dart calculator X01 including:
  • Store personal dart highscores
  • Quick write functions
  • Writing dart scores using keyboard only
  • Throw out suggestions (adjustable)
  • Easy to use dartboard interface
  • Sound for values often thrown

  • Graphical overview each leg played
  • Checkout percentage
  • Avg total game
  • Avgs each leg/ highest
  • All throw outs/ highest
  • All points and darts thrown
  • Number of times what number hit
  • Number of darts used each leg
  • Count 60+ 80+ 100+ 120+ 140+ 160+ & 180

You like dart statistics?

If you dart like statistics this is the
dart calculator you must use.

The dart calculator X01 gives you a graphical
overview of all the legs you played.

Below the graph a detailed description
can be found regarding the statistics for
each leg played.

The image on the right gives you
an idea of what you can expect.

Just Press the enter key or click on the
"more statistics" button while you are using
dart calculator X01.

Screenshot "More statistics" dart calculator 301
More statistic printscreen for dart calculator for X01

Screenshot dart calculator TacTics
click to use the dart calculator for TacTics
Dart calculator Tactics (TicTacToe)
  • Dartboard interface
  • Easy to use

Never played the dart game Tactics before?
Click for the rules!

Other dart information

General information about darts can be found here!
It's the place to be for general dart information, like:
  • How high must I hang the dartboard?
  • What is the throwing distance?


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